meet this cutie

How many times when we travel we wish we could bring our lovely pet with us? Now,meet your ner friend Fravel! She's cute and squishy.Everything you like about your per without the messy part.


ears that move

Bet you haven’t had a suitcase with squishy ears that wiggle as you pet or walk with her.

Crystal handle

You’ll be holding the world’s first transparent luggage handle. It blends into the background while reflecting beautiful lights.

a beating heart

You meant the whole world to her. Her heart beats faster and faster as you take her outside for an adventure.

little paws

Yup, she also has four little cute paws. Don’t you want to hold her little paws?

  • multi-sensors

    Fravel came with tactile and
    movement sensors. Yes, she
    can feel you touching and
    moving her.

  • built-in battery

    We packed this baby with
    enough juice to last a whole
    day of activities.

  • smart switch

    Fravel uses the handle
    movement to start up or
    save battery.

  • USB charger

    Now you can easily charge your
    mobile devices when you run out
    of juice.

  • detachable earpiece

    You can easily detach her ears to fit
    the airline carry on dimensions.
    More ear styles coming soon.

  • 360° wheels

    Whether you like to drag
    her or push her, the choice
    is yours.

Get your baby now ;)

The world loves Fravel